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Value Creation Plan - Pillar Icons


Prompt: To design icons that encapsulate the messaging of the 5 main pillars of the Value Creation Plan. The Senior Leadership Team provided the pillar's verbiage and requested that the icons fit with the style of growth metrics created by a colleague.

The Challenge: Given only the wording of the growth pillars, I had to decipher the meaning behind the growth criteria on a limited time frame to accommodate the upcoming virtual town hall the following week. Several icons oversaw extensive modification and the collaboration between the Graphic Designer, Jackson Hill and the Design Team Lead, Chris Voelz, were immensely helpful.

Praise: "Thank you for all your help with the town hall. I think the best thing to come out of this are the pillar icons." -- Chris Voelz, Design Team Lead



In Context: The icons were rolled out during the company's annual town hall kickoff. Pictured below is the CEO going into each of the growth pillars in detail.

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