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Distinguished Lecture Series


Prompt: The Distinguished Lecture Series invites well-known speakers to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. To market the event, a multi-format campaign is needed to advertise across campus.

The Challenge: I was not familiar with the speaker, Carly Fiorina, so I had to research her and to find a way to reference her brand and the general message she portrays. The only media provided was a cropped head shot which had to be used according to contract--providing a good challenge in versatility with limited media. In the final days of the campaign, numerous revisions had to be made as the student group that had chosen the speaker had funding issues and was adding cosponsors up until the last day before final production.

Praise: “[Shout out to] Michael Dodge in Union Marketing and his unending patience and perfection with the Carly Fiorina marketing. He has saved the day!”
-Blurb & Bulletin (UWM Student Union Weekly Newsletter)

In Context: [Top] 8'x8' Banner in the heavily trafficked concourse. [Lower] Two variations of 26"x40"posters we were able to approve with her agent that featured biographical information.

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